Experience The Adventure of A Lifetime in Patagonia

Experience The Adventure of A Lifetime in Patagonia


Anybody who wants to have the ultimate travel adventure would do well to visit none other than Patagonia in Argentina. If you are wondering what you could possibly do down there, here is a shortlist of suggestions on what to see. While some vacations are designed to relax, party or see all of the tourist attractions, a trip to Patagonia is geared more towards those who enjoy an outdoor adventure. Keep in mind, there are many things to do as well but this should give you an inkling as to what awaits you.

The glaciers at Parque National Los Glaciares are something like no other place on Earth. The glacier has a constant forward movement. In fact, it moves at about 2 meters per day. You may think that this would be boring to watch but in fact, many people say that it is quite exciting. As the glacier moves, icebergs the size of small buildings actually break away from it.

After watching the glaciers, you can always visit the amazing wildlife at Parque Nacional Paragonia. This at one time was an estancia that was overgrazed but the organization Tompkins Conservation managed to begin restoration in 2004. Among the many animals, you can watch are pumas, foxes, and flamingos. They even have Andean deer which are in an endangered status called huemul.

If hiking is your idea of outdoor activities, there are few better places to hike on the planet than Parque Nacional Torres del Paine. There are winding paths through the heavy forest. You can also hike over the steppes which howl with the winds. Once you reach the end of the path, you’ll bear witness to one of the great joys of nature, that being Las Torres. This is a granite mountain spire and it will be the pinnacle of all of your outdoor activities.

Among other things to do in Parque Nacional Torres del Paine is a hike over the Glacier Grey, an icy path that is fun for all hiking enthusiasts. Kayaking is also an option which can be done via the Rio Serrano. The river is calm so it is a perfect spot for both veteran kayakers and those who are just new to the activity. Paso John Gardner is another option, a hike that ascends far into the sky and presents a gorgeous view of the surrounding park. It is truly a hiker’s paradise!

After all of that hiking and physical activity, why not stop and take it easy with some whale watching? That’s right if you journey to Puerto Madryn you will be able to watch all of the southern right whales that one can imaging. This is because the coastline is a breeding ground for this type of whale.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do in Patagonia. If you choose this as your vacation destination spot, you will certainly not be disappointed. Why not take the plunge and book a trip to Patagonia today?

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