Which Robot Vacuum Should I Purchase?

Which Robot Vacuum Should I Purchase?


Living in a tech-savvy world has its perks. When the technology world decided to venture into household products beginning in 1996, we progressed into a robotic stage where even vacuums can now function without human assistance. These products would become an advantage for working families and elderly loved ones who continue to maintain their homes.

Advantages of Using a Robot Vacuum
While robot vacuums may seem like an unnecessary expense for some, they offer incredible advantages for almost any homeowner. These benefits include:

1. UV sterilization – This necessity uses an infrared laser to disable or eliminate microorganisms not seen by the eye.

2. HEPA filters – (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) A specially designed filter that forces air through a meshed filter catching pollens and allergens then recycling that air back into the open space.

3. Mapping – The robotic vacuum cleaner can be purchased with the ability to scan and create a map of the area it will be servicing. This option prevents the vacuum form missing dirty spots as well as redoing clean areas.

4. Mopping – Consumers can choose the option of sweeping and mopping a space simultaneously. Of course, this clean up would not be logical for carpet floors.

5. Automated control – Additions such as app control with a smartphone or Google’s Alexa continue to keep the owner hands-free.

6. Schedule – For the household cleaner that prefers to have its robot vacuum operate on a timed-daily schedule, this option has been designed to do just that.

7. Recharge – There are robot vacuums available to return to the dock (its charging station) empty its contents (can hold up to 30 days) until it has been scheduled to resume its cleaning duties.

Available Robot Vacuums
Since the beginning of its production in 2002, the robovac (robot vacuum) can be purchased to serve in a variety of ways.

1. iRobot – This company has produced robovacs such as Roomba, Scooba, and Dirt Dog to name a few. iRobot’s technology attributes range from steering clear of detected objects to the capability of cleaning up larger and heavier debris than the average vacuum.

2. bObsweep – Produced by a Canadian company, bObsweep began its production around 2002. For the hardwood floor owner, this robovac sweeps and mops in one turn. A great option for a busy kitchen or a household with children requiring both methods on a regular basis.

3. Shark – This robovac was created by Euro-Pro, a family-owned business, operating for the last century. Specializing in household products, they offer the robovac as a cyclone-technology cleaning assistant which assists with keeping its filter clean. This Shark robovac is able to follow voice command from Google’s Alexas or a smartphone app, provide the mapping of an area to be serviced, while self-cleaning its own brush roll.

Not only for the busy, working household, the robovac can also be useful to the elderly community as an economical means of maintaining a clean and healthy personal space. 

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