Easy Ways To Automate Your Home

Easy Ways To Automate Your Home


How You Can Automate Your Home In Four Easy Steps

Sometimes it is not a question of, “do you automate your home”, but how can you automate your home in a manner that suits your needs? After all, everyone has a different interpretation of home automation. What works for you is not always going to work for someone else.

Since home automation has become a popular trend (a trend that is not going to end anytime soon) we have a few tips to help you get on board with the latest trends concerning home automation.

Home Automation: Four Simple and Easy DIY Projects You Can Tackle Around the House
1) You can try the smart thermostat IFTTT. The best part is that it works with the Google assistant. The IFTTT is a service that works between two devices. It communicates between the two once it gets word of what is to happen.

That means you can use your home automation to have communication between the smart thermostat IFTTT and other rooms that have IFTTT wiring. You can use the IFTTT wiring to control the thermostat in every room, from the bedroom to the garage. The great thing is that it works well with Google assistance. That also means you do not have to get up (unless you have to) and everything works under one guidance control system.

2) You can also use automation to control the lighting. Do you find yourself getting tired of having to get up and down (constantly) just to turn a light on or off? You can wire everything so that all you have to do is click a button. Do you want to take things one step further? You can have Alexa do the work for you. Alexa will turn your lights on and off with a simple voice command. Yes, technology has made a lot of people lazy, but it can be beneficial for those who are in dire need of these services.

3) You can also install smart locks on all your doors. Smart locks are perfect when someone has forgotten their keys. You can also set up your smart locks to respond to voice command, lock tampering, and notifications all controlled through a smartphone app.

4) The final DIY option involves smart home and smart security. You probably already have some kind of home security in place. Smart security and smart home options take it to the next level. The other great thing is that this works well with your smart lock. You can program everything to set up notifications and it will respond in real-time. You could be sitting at home with your family, and the smart security will notify you if someone suspicious is outside. You can also keep track of everything if you are going out-of-town. 

These four helpful solutions offer greater peace of mind to those who need it and enable you to automate everyday tasks that make your life easier.

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