World Class White Water Rafting Spots

World Class White Water Rafting Spots


There is something special about white water rafting. It is a mystical sport that pits you against nature. You fight and struggle against the river and eventually, one of you wins. This is a sport that has many interesting aspects to it. White water rafting is something you can do when you want a grand challenge which is why white water rafting is of the most fun things you can do. However, it is also one of the most dangerous things to do and has cost many people their lives.

There are many rivers that it is not recommended for an amateur or even someone who isn’t highly experienced to raft on. These rivers offer a tremendous amount of challenge for even the most seasoned veterans, but also something that will leave you feeling very good after you have overcome them. Here are four rivers that will provide the ultimate challenge for you, and give you a great white water rafting experience. However, know that these rivers will put a big strain on you and your life will be at risk.

Colorado River
This River is 277 miles of pure bliss. The best thing is the Colorado River goes through the Grand Canyon. That means you will be able to enjoy a beautiful and scenic ride through a place that millions of people go to every year. This River is also a tremendous challenge in certain sections so you might want to make sure you have the necessary skills to take it on. A seasoned veteran will be able to spend all day enjoying various sections of the Colorado River and even enjoying their time through the Grand Canyon. It will take you about two weeks to actually traverse the whole River.

Magpie River
This is an amazing journey that will pit you against the largest and most challenging white water rafting experience you will find in all of Canada. This is a River located in eastern Québec so prepare yourself for a lot of fun and adventure. You start at magpie Lake and eventually, you will have to get through to magpie River where your experience will begin. Make sure you have a lot of experience before you take on this challenge.

Salmon River Middle Fork
If you are looking for an amazing experience in Idaho, the Middle Fork of the Salmon River will give you just that. You will have a large challenge on your hands and it will be a massive adventure. This river provides a tremendous white water rafting experience that is unlike anything else. Prepare for your adrenaline spiking and feeling like you are in trouble sometimes as this River moves fast.

Zambezi River
The final river on this list is the Zambezi River. It is located in Zimbabwe so if you are an American, you might have to travel a long way to actually enjoy this river. You might even see some animals that are famous in Africa, such as hippos. 

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