Top Outdoor Activities To Do In Costa Rica

Top Outdoor Activities To Do In Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a tropical country in Central America and is a great spot if you are looking to vacation because it has a variety of different places to visit and things to do. This country is known for its rainforests, beaches, and national parks. Listed below are some of the top outdoor activities you can do on your trip in Costa Rica.

Ziplining is an adventurous and thrilling activity that the whole family can do together. Ziplining is where you are attached to a zipline in a harness or tram and travel down it at a medium to high speed. There is ziplining through many of the rainforests in this country that can have you feeling like you are a monkey swinging through the trees. Some of the popular ziplining locations in this country are at Arenal Reserve, Diamante Superman Canopy Zip Line, Jaco Canopy Zipline Tour, and Manuel Antonio Canopy Safari Zip Line.

Horseback Riding
Horseback riding is a popular activity you can do in this country. You can ride horses oceanside on the beaches, through woody trails, or even through the national parks and rainforests. Riding horses can be a relaxing activity and it can also allow you to explore what this country has to offer. You can even go on horseback riding tours where the tour guide can lead you and give you an explanation and background story as to what your surroundings are. Some of the popular horseback riding spots in this country are in Centaura, Horse Trek Monteverde, Brisas del Nara, and Rancho Tropical.

Riding ATVs
For those who are not aware, ATVs are a vehicle that is similar to a quad or three-wheeler. It has a straddle seat and handlebars to steer your way through terrain. You can ride ATVs through Costa Rican land and it is a perfect activity for thrill seekers and those who aren’t scared to get a little dirty. Drivers are required to be at least 16 years old to ride an ATV. Some of the popular places to ride ATVs in this country are at Manuel Antonio ATV Adventure, Midworld ATV Tour, Xtreme Adventure Tour, and ATV Adventure Tours Costa Rica.

Parasailing may not be an ideal activity for those scared of heights, but it is a great once in a lifetime experience. If you are taking a trip to this country, you might as well go full out and try parasailing above the Costa Rican waters. Parasailing is where you are attached to a canopy/parachute and you are being pulled by a boat. You are up in the air with your feet dangling below you. Parasailing provides you with beautiful views while you are up in the air. One of the top parasailing companies that you should look into while you are on your trip in this country is Parasailing Aguas Azules Manuel Antonio. 

In addition to all of these fun activities, there are countless other ways to get outside and enjoy the varied environments of Costa Rica. 

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