Spend More Time In Nature With These Simple Activities

Spend More Time In Nature With These Simple Activities


Getting back to nature does not mean you have to be a crunchy granola type with a compost heap in the kitchen. Often, it is as simple as finding an activity you enjoy out in the fresh air. A lot of people want to find a hobby that will get them out of the house, but are not sure which one to try. We will look at several outdoor activities you can enjoy solo or with the whole family. If you do not know where to start, maybe we can give you some tips you need.

In addition to just being a fun activity, riding a bike can work out your legs in an amazing way. A lot of people think that a stationary bicycle in their house is just as good, just as nourishing. However, without the rush of fresh air, it is not nearly as beneficial. One of the best things about biking is that it can be a solitary activity, giving you time to dwell on your own thoughts, or it can be a healthful pastime for the whole family. You can choose a bicycle in any style, so it will definitely match your personality.

There is nothing better than hiking up a mountain discovering all of nature’s secrets by yourself. Unless, of course you decide to share those secrets with a loved one. Hiking is the perfect sport, it can be taken up or down to suit any fitness or activity level, and you do not need much equipment. Sure, there is lot of professional hiking equipment available, but really all you need is comfortable clothing that breathes well, a supply of water that you can carry with you, and whatever you want to carry to make your time in the great outdoors more comfortable.

Weekend Camping
For many people, the weekend is their only free time, so an activity like camping gets turned into ‘weekend camping’. Devoting your weekend to being one with nature is so much fun and you can learn some handy skills. As an activity, weekend camping requires more equipment than most other activities, including a tent, a sleeping bag, a food supply and whatever else you decide to bring. If you are camping in a place that is known for bears, it is best to devise a plan that will keep the critters away from your treats.


While we would all prefer a trip to the mountains to go skiing, camping or hiking, sometimes we are just too busy. If you find that you are working too much or life’s daily activities are taking over, spend some time walking around your neighborhood or in a park by your work. 

Getting out and about in nature is a really good hobby that more of us should have. It is a great way to forget the problems and the demands of the sometimes hectic civilized world, and being surrounded by trees has been clinically proven to have calming effect on our moods. Again, these are something you can do all by yourself, or involve the family or some friends to make it into a real party. 

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