5 Reasons Everyone Should Try Rock Climbing

5 Reasons Everyone Should Try Rock Climbing


Rock climbing is a thrilling physical activity that adventure seekers can partake in. If you are in need of switching up your exercise routine and want to try something new, rock climbing is a great option. Listed below are 5 reasons as to why everyone should try rock climbing.

New Challenge
Having new challenges you have to take on is going to keep your life exciting. Newcomers at rock climbing can set goals for themselves and look forward to improving with every climb. Rock climbing a thrilling experience and it challenges not only your body, but your mind as well. People should not be frightened by the idea of a new challenge, especially with rock climbing, because once you do it, you can be proud of yourself for doing so. Even if you do not want to do it again, at least you tried it once and gave it a well-deserved shot. When rock climbing, as long as you do it as safely as possible with the right equipment and precaution, there is nothing to worry about.

Full-Body Workout
Rock climbing is a full-body workout. You use almost every muscle in your body to pull yourself up towards the top of the rocks. To be specific; endurance, flexibility and strength training are all performed during a climb. Rock climbing could be a great replacement exercise for someone looking to add a more intense element to their routine.

Mind Body Connection
Rock climbing is not just a physical activity. You are also using your mind to think about which rock you are going to grab onto next. It is a very strategic exercise and your mind and body have to work together to have a successful climb. Coordination, balance, and agility are required in rock climbing. You need to be confident in the movements you make and mentally map out a plan on how you are going to reach the top.

Adventure Satisfaction
Rock climbing, especially when done outdoors, is a perfect form of exercise for adventure seekers. Not only do you have a great scenery around you, but you are scaling rocks that were not manufactured by hands, like the indoor rock climbing. Indoor rock climbing could be just as thrilling, but outdoor rock climbing gives a rush of adrenaline that indoor may not be able to fully meet. Once adrenaline junkies have rock climbed once, they may get addicted and not want to stop.

Builds Confidence
Rock climbing builds confidence because once you have done it, what else can you not achieve when you put your mind to it? Reaching the top of the rocks is a sensational feeling that will have you proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Fear is said to be one of the biggest obstacles so if you can overcome your potential fear of rock climbing, you will boost your self-confidence and be assured of yourself. 

If you’re not quite sure where to start, go to a rock climbing gym and talk to others there about where you can find great places to rock climb at nearby areas.

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