The Coolest Compact Camping Gear

The Coolest Compact Camping Gear


Camping is one of the most fun trips you can take in your life. It allows you the opportunity to get closer to nature, find yourself, do things that you would never do in your ordinary life, and find peace. While camping can be very fun it can also be a challenge if you do not properly pack and plan. Everything that you go camping with you has to be easy haul and carry. To ensure that you make the trip as easy as possible you should invest in compact camping gear. Here is some of the best compact camping gear that everyone needs for their next camping trip.

1) Compact Cooking Equipment
Everyone will need to cook while they are on their camping adventure. You cannot go to the store and order food or call for food delivery. You must either bring your own food with you or find your own food in the wilderness. Most of the time to ensure you have good nutrition you will need to cook at least one meal a day. The best compact cooking equipment includes the Grilliput Duo portable grill and a collapsible kettle. These things allow you to cook food and get hot water very quickly without taking up much space at all. Another great piece of cooking equipment that most people would want is compact stoves. The PocketRocket is a great compact stove that boils water fast and has different simmer controls.

2) Compact Chairs
While sitting on the ground could work for some people on a camping trip it is not ideal at all. Compact chairs are easy to fold, move and use on any camping trip. One of the best compact chairs on the market is the NEMO Stargaze recliner chair. This chair folds up very small but is also very comfortable to sit in. This chair and other chairs like it are ideal for sitting around a campfire, resting during a hike, or looking out at a breathtaking view.

3) Compact Sleeping Bags
Another essential camping item is the sleeping bag. While some sleeping bags are heavy duty and unable to fold nicely there are some sleeping bags that are very compact and easy to roll up. The Spark SP sleeping bag is a great option for people who are looking to save room in their hiking gear and backpack. Finding a warm, yet easily foldable, the sleeping bag should be a priority.

4) Compact Hiking Shoe
One collapsible item that most people would never think to purchase is a collapsible hiking shoe. The Timberland Men’s Radler Trail Camp collapsible hiking shoe is an ideal shoe to pack because it folds up very small. This makes a great spare shoe if something happens to your other pair of shoes like getting wet. It is impossible to have a great camping experience with a reliable pair of camping and hiking shoes so if you can have a spare pair you can rest more easily. 

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