Everyday Carry Items That Make Sense For Anyone

Everyday Carry Items That Make Sense For Anyone


Whether you plan to spend significant time in the wilderness for survival training, or you are simply getting through your average day in the city, there are essential items you should always be carrying in the event of unforeseen circumstances. After all, one never knows when inclement weather may create congested road conditions that leave people sidelined for hours or even days at a time. In some cases, a state-wide emergency could be issued with consequences that leave thousands of people stranded. This article is intended to help educate readers in basic survival skills by introducing common items that every individual should have in their EDC (Every Day Carry) kit.

Things to Carry in Your Car
There are some items every person should carry in their backpack or satchel, and other things that should be kept in one’s vehicle. As for the trunk of your car, consider items that fall into these categories:

  • Roadside emergency
  • Food and water
  • Shelter
  • Health care

In the event you become stranded on the road, you will want to have a good roadside emergency kit. These items can include a satellite phone to call for a tow or roadside assistance in the event there are no cellular towers in the area. The kit should also have flares, road signs with a reflective coating to alert other motorists, a jack and the necessary tools for changing a tire, a spare, and a tool for checking tire pressure.

Your car’s EDC kit should also include a minimum of three gallons of water per person, and at least a three day’s supply of food that won’t go bad in the immediate future. Consumables can include nuts, dried fruit, beef jerky, granola bars, and canned food.

You should also have a tent and tools to start a fire in the event your car is too small to sleep in. This will be especially useful if your car is too small to sleep in. Finally, if you require continuous medication to maintain your health, carry an extra supply in your car.

Essentials to Carry in Your Backpack
There are other items critical for survival situations that will serve you well in both an urban and remote environment. These are small items that can easily fit into the bottom of a standard-sized backpack.

Any thorough EDC kit should include a barrier against airborne viruses. Carry a N95 mask in the event an emergency surfaces that involves a disease or virus outbreak. Standard cotton masks will not prevent you from contracting an airborne virus. Instead, they will just help in preventing you from spreading a potential virus to other people.

Carry some hand sanitizer in the event you touch something unsettling. You should also carry a good multi-purpose tactical tool. One popular type is a pocket knife with a built-in compass, water purifier tablets, and a fire starter tool. You should also carry a portable cell phone charger in the event there is a massive power outage. Consider one that can be charged using both electricity and solar power.

Your EDC essentials should also include a pen and tablet of paper, a lighter, tissues, and a suitable amount of cash. In addition, lip balm and a travel-size bottle of lotion can also be carried. Finally, include a bottle of water in your EDC arsenal so you can stay hydrated.

Follow these tips for creating an EDC kit and you will be well prepared in any environment for unforeseen situations that could threaten your wellbeing. 

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